Got large size move? 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom or even more bedrooms? No worries! We have abundant experience doing large jobs and the job you thought may drag on forever will suddenly look manageable.

Two will get you

  • 2 Removalist
  • 43m3 Loading Space (refer to the vehicle chart)
  • 10 Tonne Small Van
  • Optional 40/h extra man highly recommended

Suitable For

  • 3 bedroom + unit/house, offices with 15~20 people
  • 20~30 furniture or 100+ boxes




10 Tonne Small Truck + 2 men

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42 cubic meters of space, large truck and 2 well-trained, experienced removalists. With large size move involving more than 2 bedroom units or houses, you often get lost and start wondering where to start.

Our experienced men will scan through what has to be done upon arrival, and plan, discuss with you on how to go about the move in most efficient way. And most importantly, we will get the job done no matter how large or challenging the job may be.


It is strongly recommended that you utilize our 40/h extra man option for these large jobs. With extra man power, jobs will be completed much quicker and smoother, and you will definitely end up with less stress, less money spent.

We also provide packing/unpacking services to help you prepare for what may feel like a daunting job and turn them into reasonable one.

The 10 ton truck is most suitable for large moves involving 2 bedroom + units/houses or offices with 15~20 people. It is also suitable if you wish to move large amount of furniture (20~30), or boxes (100+).

Discuss with our friendly consultant about details of the job to better prepare for your large jobs.

10 ton

Want More ?

$40 per hour for extra removalist with any above options. It is highly recommended for any sizable relocation. You will save time by using another man and most likely end up saving money. You will be pleasantly surprised how far $40 per hour takes you. Box or plastic moving basket hire is available at affordable price to help you prepare and save, or if you are too busy or simply cannot be bothered, don’t stress! We also provide packing service to look after the move from start to finish. Enquire and discuss these services with our friendly staffs

Service Details

No other hidden fees such as call-out fees, back to base charge or traveling fee (Sydney Metro), our honest removalists will charge from the moment we arrive at your place to the moment we finish the job.

There will be special charge for extra heavy items such as piano or industrial equipment. Please ensure to discuss such items prior to the move for suitable planning



If you are still unsure about which option to choose, or our options do not seem to satisfy your unique circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0412 383 282 or